Rabbi Yossi Marozov
Yossi Marozov

Rabbi Yossi Marozov is the Program Director of the Chabad House of Cleveland, a branch of the international Chabad oganization.  Working together with our local synagogues, schools, and organizations, Chabad brings the joys of Judaism to everyone in our community.  Rabbi Marozov introduced three important programs to the Cleveland Jewish community, namely the Living Legacy Program, the Friendship Circle, and the Jewish Learning Institute. 


Our Living Legacy Program reaches over 2,000 Jewish children every year in over 20 different schools and synagogues.  This program brings to life Jewish traditions and Jewish Holidays through hands-on workshops and multimedia experience.  We strive to create wonderful learning experiences for our children and involve the parents in the education process. 


The Friendship Circle encourages our Jewish teenagers to be active within the community by becoming a friend with a child with disabilities.  The program builds character and self-esteem as it teaches our teenagers powerful lessons about diversity, challenges, and unconditional love.  The Friendship Circle reaches out and extends warmth and friendship to families in our community who have children with special needs, in ways that are unmet by other organizations.  We strive to involve the child and his/her family in a full range of Jewish and social experiences, such as our innovative Holiday Programs throughout the year.  


The Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) is an adult education course that is unparalleled in the world of Jewish learning.  Interactive, enlightening, and down-to-earth, the lessons draw from a myriad of sources, including the Talmud, Chassidic thought, and works of our Jewish Sages and scholars.  Rabbi Yossi Marozov founded the Cleveland chapter of the Jewish Learning Institute in 2000.  He serves as the programís director and lead instructor.  The JLI reaches out to the entire spectrum of the Jewish community, regardless of the personís background or previous Judaic experience.


Rabbi Yossi Marozov studied at the Rabbinical College of Canada.  He received his undergraduate degree in Rabbinic Studies from Oholei Torah of Brooklyn, New York.  Later, he received his rabbinic ordination in 1996 from the Yeshivah Gedolah of Sydney, Australia.  Rabbi Yossi Marozov previously served as Coordinator of various community programs, with special emphasis on adult Jewish education.  Before his permanent assignment to Cleveland, Ohio, he worked with communities at various locations worldwide, including New Mexico, California, and Shanghai, China.

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