Rabbi Shmuel Friedman
Shmuel Friedman

Rabbi Shmuli Friedman is the Executive Director of Camp Gan Israel of Beachwood, Ohio.  He also serves as director of Youth & Teen Programs at the Waxman Chabad Center. Since his arrival in June 2009, he has joined Rabbi Yossi Marasov in his work of the Living Legacy and the Jewish Learning Institute. 


With his clear explanations and charming personality, he has already created a following of students, adults and children alike.  He is sought after to give private lessons, teach Hebrew School and Bar Mitzvah Lessons and specialty study groups. His sense of humor makes learning with him a delight.  


 Rabbi Friedman's style closely mimics the style of his father, Rabbi Manis Friedman, world famous lecturer and philosopher, founder and dean of Bais Chana Womens Institute of Minnesota, the world's first Yeshiva fpr women. Rabbi Shmuli completed his rabbinical studies and was ordained at the Rabbinical Seminary of Los Angeles in 2005. 

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